I think that everyone in the last week has been impacted by the news of the Coronavirus in some way or another.  In the last week I have had different events cancelled that I was due to attend.  I have had a good friend fly back early from her trip to Paris to make it home before the restriction on entry back into the US. My son who is currently living in California I had to talk down off the ledge because he was concerned that he will be stranded inside without any food.


It’s time for a Coronavirus WOOSAH. So, in case you are not familiar with the term WOOSAH it was made popular by the movie Bad Boys II used to indicate or achieve a state of calm and relaxation. That is not to say that we don’t take this seriously.  There are precautions that we should be aware of and take. I understand the impact that this is having worldwide but I’m a glass half-full type person.  So as this Coronavirus has slowed down just about everything that we normally would do, it’s given me the opportunity to slow down just a bit and be okay with it.  My schedule has been so crazy the last month that people I would have normally called just to say hello has been put towards the bottom of my to do list.


I was to travel to New York from Maryland on Friday and stay through Tuesday however after some cancellations in my schedule I decided to make the drive Friday and return Friday evening.  Boy am I glad that I decided to WOOSAH.  I got back home on Friday evening after a sixteen-hour day but I got to wake up in my own bed the next morning.  I slept in, something I haven’t done in over six months.  I took my time all day not in a rush to do anything.  I did have to go out and run some errands but not with the intensity that I would normally have on a Saturday, my one day that I had to complete all personal things for myself.


Upon my return home I had lunch and did nothing, and I did it without guilt.  I had the time to make the calls that had somehow gotten on the bottom of my to do list.  I touched base with important people in my life and reconnected with myself.


Many of you are at home with kids who are out of school or work that has been shut down.  We may even be at home with someone who has been tested positive for the virus. There is still a glass half-full moment here.  Take the time to reconnect with your kids or reach out to those you haven’t spoken to in a minute just to say hello.  The saying “This too shall pass” comes to mind.  We have an opportunity to take a situation that has put our country at effect and turn it around so that we cause what we want to remember during this time.


As I reconnected with myself and others, I realized that the stress of the Coronavirus allowed me to have deeper connections and conversations with those around me. My son that I had to talk down off the ledge, well it wasn’t really the Coronavirus that was causing him the stress but through our conversation we were able to figure it out.  When I spoke to him this morning, he laughed at how he responded earlier. I feel all caught up with important people in my life and I have recharged myself.


Sometimes we need a WOOSAH.

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