Many companies have different levels of hiring managers so If you find out you didn’t get the job you should ask for feedback from your immediate contact during the process.  This could be very different depending upon how you applied for the position.  If using a recruiter for the process the recruiter should be asked for any feedback regarding the interview.  Recruiters always follow up and ask the employer for feedback. They want to be able to provide that feedback to the candidate.  Remember recruiters get paid when they place the candidate.  

If the interviewer will be the manager or supervisor if the person gets the job they definitely could provide feedback.  They know exactly what they are looking for and why they choose not to move forward. 

Often HR will conduct the interview and they will know the skill set and qualities that is needed for the job.

Companies that have a good recruitment process will notify the candidate that they didn’t get the job.  This could be done by an email that will not go into detail, but state that they have decided to continue the search or move forward with another candidate. 

For higher level positions the candidate might get a call to let them know that they are no longer being considered.  This is the perfect time to ask for feedback.  It also says a lot about the company that they would take the time to contact the candidate to let them know of the decision.

The best way to reach out is email. It allows the candidate to express a concise message and ask for a convenient time that there can be a follow up conversation. 

A sample message:

Dear Jane,

I was recently notified that you will be moving forward with another candidate.  Thank you for the opportunity to interview.  I enjoyed finding out more about the company and the direction they are heading.

I would really appreciate any insight or feedback that you could provide me about the interview that I could use moving forward in my search. 

Is there a convenient time that I can reach out to you for a follow up conversation?

Companies are looking for good candidates, and cultural fits. By reaching out to get feedback you might discover other areas of the company that you may be better suited.  It also tells you a lot about the company and how they develop and coach their current employees.

It never hurts to ask, you won’t find out if you don’t.  It can only help you for the future!

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