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During the time that we worked together at Swatch Group U.S. I could always rely on Diana to support & champion our HR initiatives and guide her business leaders​ through difficult employee situations and processes. There is a calming but deeply​ serious quality about ​Diana​ which ​enables​ her to be exceptionally effective in the most complex business situations.
Janice Cartwright

Go Realty

Workforce Planning and Recruitment

Workforce planning creates the roadmap for your organization. No matter what the existing scene is within your company (newly started, stagnant production or change in management) a workforce planning infrastructure will identify the organizational direction and ensure that all the supporting plans, documentation and personnel are put in place.

By George HR Solutions will help you;

  • Analyze your company’s current situation
  • Forecast your company’s future performance
  • Develop actions plans based on needs
  • Prepare management for timely communication to employees
  • Provide ongoing feedback to management through implementation.

Proper communication of your Workforce plan is essential in getting the buy in from employees and management ensuring that roles are understood and coordination occur to execute the plan and achieve strategic objectives. Schedule your consultation today here.

Respect & Diversity in the Workplace Training

70% of your employee’s day is spent at work. Companies where every member is valued and respected leads to an environment where transparency and honesty is imminent throughout the organization and fosters growth. Integrity being a key core value will lead to increased responsibility.

By George HR Solutions will provide a customized Respect in the Workplace training that will educate your staff and organization on diversity helping all staff recognize individual differences that lead to building strong teams.

By George HR Solutions will advise you on best practices in responding to and handling workplace harassment allegations. By designing, implementing your respect in the workplace policy we help your organization best protect itself and employees from workplace harassment claims.

Staff that champion an atmosphere of individual and collective achievement and respect in and outside of the workplace are invaluable. Schedule your consultation today here.

We worked closely together in implementing a Respect in the Workplace training.  An efficient program developed by Diana made sure to cover all sensitive issues that may arise. One of the greatest qualities of Diana is that she is truly hands on with each individual employee and was always available to ensure they felt supported by corporate and in particular by HR.
Tania Spensierato

Store Director, Tiffany

Diana George is a true professional. Personally, she has provided me guidance and mentorship. I found her to be extremely invested in the personal success, growth, and development of everyone she works with.
Rich Lindor

Sales Consultant , Schiffman’s Jewelers

Career Coaching & Professional Development

Most employees want to know how do they move forward in their career. Millennials often asking the question “What’s Next” soon after being hired. Help your employees eliminate any guess work as to what is expected of them to reach that next level in their career within your organization from the very beginning.

By George HR Solutions will help you lay out a concise plan eliminating any guess work from the employee as to whether or not they are ready for that next step. Helping employees determine if their next company move should be vertical or lateral shows that you are invested in their growth and development.

By George HR Solutions will help you identify within your organization those unlikely individuals, identifying their talents for the most ideal placement. This leads to increased morale throughout the organization attracting higher quality staff to your organization. Employees trust that you want them to do well and succeed.

Schedule your consultation today here.

Team Building

Team building in the workplace cannot be underestimated. We see this in every winning sports team. Team building in the workplace increases the trust factor and enables better communication, better relationships and ultimately increases productivity with your employees.

By George HR Solutions provides a custom team building program. Based on your company and culture the program boosters’ employee morale, fosters creativity and develops problem solving. The end result is collaboration on how to effectively work together and get results collectively. Schedule your consultation today here.

When interviewing for the position of Boutique Manager at OMEGA, I was rather impressed by Diana’s passion for the brand and her level of positive energy when explaining the position and her role in the organization. I ultimately made a decision to join OMEGA because of her commitment to partnering me in creating the best team. Our partnership during her time with Omega was the main reason I was able to grow the business and to keep a solid team. Over 80% of my team has been with Omega over five years which in the luxury retail field that is monumental.
Tim Gotzinger

Boutique Manager, OMEGA Retail

HR Audit & Operational Services

HR is the stability of your organization and compliance on every level is necessary to maintain a high level of confidence and trust among employees. By George HR Solutions examines the following key areas of the employment life cycle, compliance, and human resource functions:

  • Recruitment Coordination
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Onboarding
  • Creation of employee handbooks, HR manuals, and job descriptions
  • Employee Relations
  • Performance Management
  • Exit Process


Schedule your consultation today here.

Hire for Growth Platform

Interested in creating a future-ready workforce that will drive your business forward? Learn the
same fundamentals that successful global companies use to identify great candidates who will
do well in your company.

At the end of this course, you will understand why hiring right will lead to your expansion and the
importance of your company vision. How to clearly outline your core values so that it is easier to
attract like-minded people who fit in with your company culture and contribute to your
company’s overall success. Enroll in the course here.

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