Gone are the days when someone looking for a job had to search the classified ads, and then mail in their resume. No longer is it necessary for individuals needing work to stop by their nearest employment office and fill out applications. Yes, these more traditional methods are available and are used by some job seekers. But there are more convenient and innovative ways for an organization to find the most qualified person for the position.
Technology is undoubtedly advancing very quickly and changing all aspects of the modern world (check out my previous blog for further insight on that). Thanks to these advancements, reaching more potentially perfect candidates in a shorter amount of time is easier and faster. For individuals looking for jobs, it is now less time consuming to send out applications and resumes.
This process is now more enjoyable for both recruiters and job seekers, most of the time. Trust me on this, I have had experience with traditional and modern recruitment methods, and in my opinion, newer is better. You may or may not agree with me, but I’ll give you all some more information on advanced recruiting techniques, and you can decide and let me know what you think. Some modern recruitment techniques and strategies include:

Social Media

Social media has taken over our lives in so many ways because we use it for many different reasons. Recruiters can use sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find interested candidates. Some organizations are even using different features on these platforms to appeal to candidates they hope to move forward with. One such feature is the live video stream, which they can use to talk about their company in more detail.

Video Interviews

Many organizations outsource their recruitment process or hire remotely. So, job candidates may live hundreds of miles away, and it is not practical to make them travel to do an interview. Now, that does not even need to be a consideration, because Skype, FaceT`ime, and others have come to the rescue. These apps allow us to see the person, read certain cues, and get a good idea of whether or not they are what the company needs.

Look Inwards

Though many organizations promote from within, sometimes recruiters overlook this possibility, and instead, spend more money and time on finding that perfect employee outside of the company. When hiring from inside the organization, recruiters must look further than those that are rising quickly and working in every position they possibly can. These employees are great, but there may be a loyal, reliable, and talented, but quiet individual that would be a perfect fit. It is just a matter of going up to them and offering them that opportunity and being proactive when they may be too scared to come forward on their own.

Virtual Reality

If we want to get really advanced in our recruiting methods, then we can turn to virtual reality (VR). The car company, Jaguar, is one organization that is using VR to attract future employees. Candidates use headsets to see what working with the organization is like, to watch videos about the different parts of each vehicle, and to solve job-related puzzles.
VR is a fun alternative to sitting in front of a computer screen and many job seekers like the idea. But if we were to look further into it, this is currently not the most logical method for many organizations because it is very expensive. Not all organizations can afford to buy the necessary headsets. Also, there have been complaints that what these headsets show is not the reality of what working at the company is like.

So, many options exist for recruiters when it comes to finding the right fit for the organization without taking too much time on the details. Technology is making our lives easier when it comes to recruiting and job seeking. Technology doesn’t do this all the time, so let’s take advantage of that.

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