Trust is a fundamental part of any workable relationship.  Without it, people will never give 100 percent.  There will always be a doubt in their mind about the intentions of the individual or company.

Leaders who gain trust have a few things in common;

1) They trust the employees they manage or employ

People you don’t trust have no place in your work environment.  If you hired them, trust them to get the job done and give them the leeway to do it.  That means no micromanagement.

2) They make it safe for employees to make mistakes

People learn from mistakes and being allowed to make them without backlash or repercussion is important.  I’m not talking about burning down the building or losing all the company assets but even then, there are learning lessons.  If employees don’t feel that they can make mistakes without severe backlash they will never take initiative that’s needed for total engagement.

3) They are able to take responsibility and own up to their own mistakes

One of the best things that a true leader can do is allow the people they lead and manage to see that they also make mistakes. And the next thing is taking responsibility for it.  It shows the human side that is so needed in day to day interaction and shows that it is not the mistake but what you do afterward that really counts.

4) They are FAIR

When employees know that they are dealing with someone that is fair towards everyone there is a level of respect that exist.  They know that no matter the circumstance that everyone is on the same playing field.

5) They are consistent

Consistency is stability.  There is nothing more unsettling then knowing that things are constantly changing.  It stops people from acting because they’re not sure who or what they will get that day.

6)  Transparency

Transparency in the company lets employees know that there is nothing to hide and when things happen that they will be informed.  It positions employees to have faith that even in the worst of times the company can be trusted to do the right thing.  Over 95% of employees prefer honest feedback.  When given with the intent to help employees succeed, employees will often come to you asking for the feedback.

When a leader loses the trust of an employee or team the best thing that they can do is take responsibility.  How they handle this will demonstrate how an employee or team member should respond if they ever find themselves in the same situation.  It also says “I’m human”. It allows people to grow from learning from their mistakes.

What type of leader are you?

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