With just 6 weeks into the New Year, around this time people reevaluate their New Year’s Resolutions.  Either they are committed to seeing them through or they decide to give it a try at a later date.  This is also the time that people re-evaluate their jobs and make decisions about whether to remain with their current company or pursue other opportunities.

If you fall in the category of pursing other opportunities here are some things to consider as you decide to make the move.

  1. Job satisfaction

We spend 70% of our time at work, often more time than we spend with our families on a daily basis.  How fulfilling is work for you?  Are you still excited to come to work every day, or do you find yourself waiting for your next day off?  Let me say this.  “Job satisfaction is a two-way street.”  While you want your employer to provide a work environment that is engaging it also up to you to be fully engaged.  What does this mean.  Well if at sometime you find that you no longer get the same enjoyment, and you don’t see that changing, it may be time to look for other opportunities.  “A disengaged employee no matter how good the company environment will not be a productive, or happy employee.”

  1. Life work integration

Previously called “work, life, balance” is important so that the time we do spend with our families is quality time that is guilt free.  You can’t give your best to anything if you are constantly torn and feel that life is passing you by.  I happen to love the European idea of holiday.  We call it vacation and they call it a holiday. Holiday makes it feel like a special time.  There will be days that the job gets your all, but there will also be days where family comes first, and that’s okay too.

  1. Work relationships

There is no substitute for working in an environment where people respect each other, like each other and work together as a team.  This is something that can’t be over looked.  I have seen people leave their current company for a different position, or for more compensation, only to regret later because the relationships were so different.  Let’s not forget that people work for people so if you have an amazing boss that supports you and can help you grow within your current company, that is something to consider.

  1. Career Advancement

Often times people think of career advancement as straight up and vertical.  I’ve watched people clamor for the opportunity to move up within the company only to realize once they receive the promotion that it is not what they thought it would be.  Sometimes increasing skillset and a lateral move can be more rewarding.  Most people really want to be challenged.

  1. Acknowledgement

We all want to feel valued and appreciated.  Feel that we are contributing to something worthwhile.  When that happens, morale is high and something magical occurs. 

It’s called fulfillment and happiness, and isn’t that what we are all looking for at the end of the day?  New Year, new goals.  Where will your goals lead you?

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