“Should you or should you not” talk about your salary with coworkers has always been a topic in the workplace. Generations ago it was considered taboo and just not done.  In fact, years ago the topic of money, salaries, compensation wasn’t even considered an issue.  Well, all that has changed with Millennials, the generation where everything is transparent and out in the open.

How does that affect the workplace?   Let’s face it while there may be a salary range for positions in the workplace not all people are created equal.  Everyone always believes that they are worthy of the top end of the range yet results often dictate who will receive it. 

The National Labor Relations Act protects employees’ rights to discuss pay. Whether viewed as a pro or a con is based on the workplace and culture.  Result driven performance reviews has replaced the yearly increase that people have often come to expect.  Retaining top talent often requires allocating increases so that it is not evenly distributed. 

Companies that have a process which candidly talks about their compensation/performance process and how it affects production, morale is a company with a healthy outlook.  Everything is out in the open and everyone has the same opportunities to exceed given how much they are willing to put in and the end results.

Those companies where everyone is paid the same amount for the same position, coworkers discussing salaries can be dangerous and create an environment of resentment.  It could also lead to key employees taking their talent elsewhere.

All employees should know their worth and what they bring to the organization. Focusing on self-abilities and skills is key.  That’s where you can always improve and make the difference.  Having conversations with those who manage you can give insight into how you can improve performance and increase your salary and worth in the workplace.


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