What is professionalism in the workplace in 2018?  This has changed somewhat over the years however there are still some things that will give you the edge in any work environment.


  1. Attire – Always look the part for the job.  Know your workplace and the dress code policy.  While some jobs are more laid back there is a difference between business casual and dressing as if you’re going to the beach or the club.  Let’s face it you can never really be overdressed, and if you are, you will be remembered and stand out.


  1. Be On Time – If your work day starts at a certain time that’s what time you should be at work. That doesn’t mean 10 minutes late or get to your desk and then grab something to eat.  You should be prepared to start working at the time you have to be there.  If you find that you need extra time to get dressed or get breakfast you should arrive early to do that.  If work is at 9:00 AM you should be prepared to start working at 9:00 AM.


  1. Obnosis – (Observing the Obvious) Starting a new job you may not know all the correct things to do, so watching other employees could be helpful. Caution – don’t fall into the trap of following employees that are doing the wrong thing.  We all know what those things are.


  1. Learn the company – Your department may be one of many within the organization. Find out how your department and the work that you do impact the rest of the organization. This leads to getting to know people in other departments that you may need to interact with.  Find out what is needed from them.  They will appreciate this and tell you things that will help you to do your job better.


  1. Productivity – You were hired to do a job and the best way to be professional is to do your job to the best of your ability.


As an HR professional I have had the opportunity to engage with many employees and it has been some of the things above that have left lasting impressions on me.  None of them new, all important and can’t be underestimated.  You never know who might be watching you or the work that you are doing. When professionalism is there you stand out from the rest and people remember you.

What will you be remembered for?

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