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HR professionals have always been resilient. We often find solutions with very little resources, yet we make it happen. This page is here to help you! We’ve gathered a list of vendors and companies, some of which provide employee perks at no cost to your company, along with recommended reading, and more.

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From luxury brand items to employee uniforms, we’ve found some perks and deals HR managers are sure to find useful. Whether you need to outfit your employees with a special brand look, or provide gifts for special occasions or production bonuses, we’ve hand-picked vendors who provide quality resources at great value.


Travel savings is a great perk to offer employees.  Take advantage of our list of providers of company-based travel savings.


HR managers are often called upon to help employees with financial concerns. We’ve discovered some great financial resources your company can implement and offer to help make things easier for your employees.


Being an HR professional means staying abreast and current of what’s happening in the industry. Sometimes that means funding, budgets, approvals, etc. We’ve found several events that extend offers to HR professionals and all you have to do is show up. These are amazing opportunities to network with other’s in the industry and gather great information that you can take back to your organization.

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